DCPI Rules


The rules for DCPI are quite simple and should be familiar to people who have some familiarity with the drum corps activity and/or have participated in a fantasy sports league in the past. As a DCPI director, you are the manager of a virtual drum and bugle corps that competes in events throughout the competitive season. You are responsible for managing your corps’ caption selection roster and tour schedule. At each event, your corps receives a score based on your caption selection, which melds our unique scoring algorithms combined with actual DCI scores to generate an overall score for your corps at each events it participates at. Under your guidance, your corps will travel across the country and compete for the title of DCPI Champion!

Corps registration: Corps directors may register a maximum of 1 corps in each of the three competitive divisions (World Class, Open Class and/or Class A). A director is not required to compete in all three divisions, but may instead compete in whichever division(s) he or she wants to.

Directors are requested to post their corps information in a post on DCP’s fantasy corps forum to introduce themselves to other directors and provide biographical information about their corps (ie hometown, membership size, uniform images, show title, musical selections, etc).

Schedule: Each corps will create a tour schedule by selecting from the list of events on the Schedule Editor page. A corps may compete in a maximum of 30 events per season (not including Regional and Finals Week events) regardless of division. If a director is operating multiple corps, they are not required to tour together.

Caption limits: Each corps director has a “salary” of points that they can use to fill out their corps’ caption roster. Directors complete their caption rosters based on the the following list of captions:

Gen. Effect Visual
Gen. Effect Music
Visual Performance
Visual Ensemble
Visual Colorguard
Music Brass
Music Ensemble
Music Percussion

Caption values are based on how the corps you select for that caption finished during the season you choose them for. The higher a corps finished during a season, the more caption points they will cost. For Season 22, directors can choose from DCI corps from the following DCI seasons: 2012, 2013, 2014.

GE-Visual: 2013 Carolina Crown (24 points)
GE-Music: 2012 Blue Devils (25 points)
Visual Performance: 2014 Phantom Regiment (20 points)

For Season 22, the starting caption limits for each division are as follows:

World Class: 150 points
Open Class: 120 points
Class A: 90 points

These limits will increase at pre-determined times throughout the season. The best way to stay competitive is to stay on top of these changes and increase your captions accordingly as the season goes on.

Changing captions: For the first 2 weeks of the season, directors may change as many captions as they want at any time during the week. After the first 2 weeks of the season, directors are restricted to making a maximum 3 caption changes per week for the rest of the season. Directors must make caption changes prior to 11:50 PM the day before a show they are competing in for those changes to be effective at their next show. For instance, if a director’s corps is competing at a show on June 25th, they would have until 11:59 PM on June 24th to submit any changes that would take effect at the June 25th show.

The Sunday after regionals is treated as a “Caption Reset day”, when the caption selection limits are lifted for 24 hours.

Show design: There are no limits on the elements that a director can incorporate into their shows. This includes, but is not limited to, membership size, props, electronics, instrumentation, etc.