DCPI Rules

The following rules have been adopted by the DCPI Rules Congress and govern the terms of play in the League.  [Read more…]

DCPI League Basics

What does DCP-I stand for?
Drum Corps Planet – International, which is DCP’s fantasy drum and bugle corps circuit. We are Marching Music’s VIRTUAL League. [Read more…]

Getting Started

Getting your own DCPI corps started involves a number of steps and things you must consider. The basic process is outlined below, along with some of the various rules of the road. Take some time to look at other corps’ websites if you’re interested in building your own. Remember – a DCPI corps website is not required for participation in the circuit …. but it sure adds to the fun. [Read more…]

Support Contacts

Drum Corps Planet International (DCPI) is Drum Corps Planet’s (DCP) fantasy drum corps league and shares some of the same features and support infrastructure. However, many of the services on DCPI are managed by different resources than the DCP support team. [Read more…]

Directors – Adding a Post

Keeping the community updated with the latest information about your DCPI Corps is fun and adds to the realism of the League. We have built this system using one of the most popular ‘blogging’ and content management systems available – WordPress … and provide our DCPI Directors with access to the WordPress system to publish their corps news. [Read more…]