Magic Sun Cadets

  • DCPI Division: A Class
  • Director: Nicholas Villane
  • Location: Sanford, Florida
  • Webpage: N/A
  • Show Announcement:

Mountain Magic

  • DCPI Division: Class A
  • Director: JD Morrison
  • Location: Charleston, WV
  • Webpage:

Nastalgia Percussion Ensemble

New to DCPI

I am proud to announce 3 new corps into the DCPI world. White Star will be competing in Division 1, Liberty Regiment in Division 2, and Lithium in Division 3. All three corps will hope to be competitive early on, and hope to make their presence felt.

Pacific Mountaineers

  • DCPI Division: Class A
  • Director: Zak Winnick
  • Location: Paradise, CA

Plain Angels announce Season XVIII production “The Very Best”

As children growing up in the 90s, one of the things most kids wished they could be was a pokemon master. In the production “The Very Best”, their dreams are fulfilled. Come along as we witness the journey of these trainers and how they evolve into the next level. This is something you don’t want to miss.


Pokemon Intro (Reb/Blue/Yellow Gameboy Version)

Pokemon Theme Song (Season One English)
Route 1
Lugia’s Song
Jigglepuff’s Song
Battle against Gary