Envision Arts Association Unveils New Logos

The Envision Arts Association is pleased to unveil the newest logos, designed by director Tyler Hudson! This new batch of logos includes one design for each Division Corps and the Envision Arts Association itself. Keep your eyes out for a show announcement, coming soon!


Valley Vanguard is Pleased to Present:

Valley Vanguard has chosen to take to “The High Seas” for their Season 26 Show.

Musical Selections include:

Hostile Takeover
Colossal Clase/Pirates Life for Me
Hoist the Colours/Battle Ground
Dead Man Tell No TalesHigh Seas

New to DCPI

I am proud to announce 3 new corps into the DCPI world. White Star will be competing in Division 1, Liberty Regiment in Division 2, and Lithium in Division 3. All three corps will hope to be competitive early on, and hope to make their presence felt.

Texas Zephyrs announce Season XXV Show-“The Polar Express”

The Texas Zephyrs are pleased to announce their Season XXV production, The Polar Express.


Musical selections come from music for the film The Polar Express, music by Alan Silvestri.


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Pacific Phantom Corps Announce their Season 25 Repertoires

The three Pacific Phantom Corps are proud to announce their Season 25 Programs!

  • Phantom Vanguard – Park City, UT (Division I)
    • Graveyard Mountain Home – Selections from Chroma Key’s 2004 album, ‘Graveyard Mountain Home’
  • Phantom Vanguard Cadets – Park City, UT (Division II)
    • The Light of Day – Selections from ‘A Scarcity of Miracles’ by Jakszyk, Fripp and Collins
  • Pacific Mountaineers – Lone Pine, CA (Division III)
    • Cumberland Blues – Selections from Old Crow Medicine Show’s 2014 album ‘Remedy’

West Texas Thunder and Partners Announces their 1st Ever Production



Joining you from the windy expanses of West Texas, please welcome West Texas Thunder!


Their 2015 Program is titled “Into the Great Unknown”, chronicling this new journey, exploring the musical expanse of the Video Game industry.  The musical selections are as follows:


  • “Leaving Earth” – Sam Hulick and Jack Wall, from the Original Video Game Soundtrack for “Mass Effect 3”
  • “Crysis 2 Intro” – Hans Zimmer, from the Original Video Game Soundtrack for “Crysis 2”
  • “Galactic Empires” – David Gillingham
  • “Legacy” – Neil Davidge, from the Original Video Game Soundtrack for “Halo 4”
  • “Ascendancy” – Neil Davidge, from the Original Video Game Soundtrack for “Halo 4”
  • “M4, Pt.2” – Faunts, from the Original Video Game Soundtrack for “Mass Effect”

We hope you enjoy our 2015 production for Season 24!


In Division 2 is Thunder.  Join them on their first ever Division 2 tour in season 24 with their show “A Night in the City”!  The musical selections are as follows:


  • “Goodnight New York” – Vienna Teng
  • “On the Waterfront” – Leonard Bernstein
  • “Unexpected Song” – Andrew Lloyd Weber
  • “Pedal to the Metal” – Michael Daugherty

And finally, in Division 3 is Lightning.  Join them on their first ever Division 3 tour with their show “Enlightenment”, featuring the music of John Mackey.  Their musical selections are as follows:


  • “Kingfishers Catch Fire” – John Mackey
  • “Hymn to a Blue Hour” – John Mackey
  • “Foundry” – John Mackey
  • “Aurora Awakes” – John Mackey