Anthem Resound, Anthem Cadets, Legion Sound – Show Reveals

The first season of Div.1 Anthem Resound, Div.2 Anthem Cadets, and Div.3 Legion Sound brings original compositions with ‘colorful’ shows.


Anthem Resound – “World of Color”


Anthem Cadets – “Hidden Colors”


Legion Sound – “Sunrise”

Valley Vanguard

Valley Vanguard presents to you: Steampunk’d

Musical Selections include:

London-1856- A steampunk Orchestra – Feshali

Time – Zimmer
Driftmoon – Starfall

Palliadio – Jenkins


Red Riders 2017 Show Reveal: “The Clock is Ticking She Said”

Red Riders 2017

The Red Riders are proud to present their first show: “The Clock is Ticking She Said”

The show will consist of two major parts labeled:

  • All the time in the world
  • No time in the world

With Music Selections from:

  • Pieces by Saint Saëns

The show is about when the creature you worship gives you time and what happens when that time is abused or wasted. Not to give it away, but the second movement opens onto a girl whos mother stopped showing up for her bed time stories because of a cause she soon will learn about.


This is Red Riders first ever season, so please wish us the best of luck as we prepare this season with a lot of trial and error!


\_/ Head Director Dr. Preston Richfield \_/



Texas Zephyrs Announce Season XVI Show

The Texas Zephyrs are proud to announce their Season XVI Production:


Athens 1896: The First Olympics


Musical selections include

  • Selections from “Athens 1896: The First Olympics,” music by Bruce Broughton
  • Javelin, Michael Torke
  • Lux Aurumque, Eric Whitacre
  • The Olympian, Philip Glass
  • Olympic Fanfare, John Williams

Said corps director Steven Silverberg, “With this being an Olympics year, we thought it was appropriate to do an Olympics-themed show. Basing ours around the first modern Olympic Games allowed us a somewhat different palette from the present-day games, allowing us to have a slightly different visual aesthetic for the show.”


Gold medalists in seasons XV, XIX and XXI, the Texas Zephyrs eagerly look forward to competing this season, in an effort to capture their first live-season crown.

Envision Arts Association Unveils New Logos

The Envision Arts Association is pleased to unveil the newest logos, designed by director Tyler Hudson! This new batch of logos includes one design for each Division Corps and the Envision Arts Association itself. Keep your eyes out for a show announcement, coming soon!


Valley Vanguard is Pleased to Present:

Valley Vanguard has chosen to take to “The High Seas” for their Season 26 Show.

Musical Selections include:

Hostile Takeover
Colossal Clase/Pirates Life for Me
Hoist the Colours/Battle Ground
Dead Man Tell No TalesHigh Seas