Quilt 2018

After a few years of being inactive, we are happy to be back in the competition for the 2018 DCPI Season!

The 2018 Quilt Drum and Bugle Corps is proud to present their 2018 Show…


 “A Two Sided Tale”


A different take on Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story. Similar to those stories, a two sided village despises each other. In a sudden moment two people, one from each side, fall for each other. When each side finds out they are in love, they try to break the lovers apart. The two lovers show that love is love and no matter your differences, you can get along with anyone. So then both sides learn to get along with each other, for the sake of the lovers.


Musical Selections:

Prologue (West Side Story) – Leonard Bernstein

Dance of the Knights (Romeo and Juliet) – Sergei Prokofiev

Symphony No. 10 – II. Allegro – Dimitri Shostakovich

A Boy Like That/I Have a Love (West Side Story) – Leonard Bernstein

Symphony No. 9 – IV. Finale – Ludwig van Beethoven


Anthem Resound, Anthem Cadets, Legion Sound – Show Reveals

The first season of Div.1 Anthem Resound, Div.2 Anthem Cadets, and Div.3 Legion Sound brings original compositions with ‘colorful’ shows.


Anthem Resound – “World of Color”


Anthem Cadets – “Hidden Colors”


Legion Sound – “Sunrise”

Black Sheep Squadron heads for…Planet Earth!

The Black Sheep Squadron announces for their fourth season their show: “Planet Earth”.

The show will include selections from Symphony #3: “Planet Earth”, by Johan De Meij

Selections include:

I.  Lonely Planet

II.  Planet Earth

III.  Mother Earth

Central Symphony 2018 – “Always Watching”

In the Division A circuit, Central Symphony DBC is proud to present their 2018 program, “Always Watching”.


Based on the world of Orwell’s 1984, “Always Watching” circles not on the plot or progression found in the novel, but rather, encompasses the morals and ideas that surround the depths of the Orwellian society. What will it take for one to break out of conformity and find their own self-identity? What will it take to fight oppression and survive a totalitarian regime? What will it take, to fight the system when they are Always Watching?




Sergei Prokofiev’s Scythian Suite – “An Invocation of Veles and Ala”

Bela Bartok’s String Quartet #4 – Movement 5

Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No. 2 – Movement 4 – “Urlicht”

Samuel Barber’s Medea – Dance of Vengeance

Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings


Mountain Magic

Boy and Girls of all ages Moutain Magic is pleased to present: 3 Rings
Musical Selections include:

Entry of the Gladiators
Flying Trapeze/Journey of Man (Flying)

Send in the Clowns/Tears of a Clown
Goodbye to the Circus


Valley Vanguard

Valley Vanguard presents to you: Steampunk’d

Musical Selections include:

London-1856- A steampunk Orchestra – Feshali

Time – Zimmer
Driftmoon – Starfall

Palliadio – Jenkins