Mountain Magic

Boy and Girls of all ages Moutain Magic is pleased to present: 3 Rings
Musical Selections include:

Entry of the Gladiators
Flying Trapeze/Journey of Man (Flying)

Send in the Clowns/Tears of a Clown
Goodbye to the Circus


Valley Vanguard

Valley Vanguard presents to you: Steampunk’d

Musical Selections include:

London-1856- A steampunk Orchestra – Feshali

Time – Zimmer
Driftmoon – Starfall

Palliadio – Jenkins


Tristate Troubadour

We are pleased to present: Paranormal Dances
Musical Selections include:

Tatentanz (Dance of the Dead)

Dead Silence
Moonlight Sonata
Victor’s Song
Danse Macabre Dancers

Tristate Troubadour presents:

Tristate Troubadour is pleased to present their Season 26 show: Framed in Black

Musical Selections include:

Promenade/Paint it Black
Cattle/Black Magic Woman
Baba Yaga/Fade to Black
Great Gate/Black Paradeframed

Valley Vanguard is Pleased to Present:

Valley Vanguard has chosen to take to “The High Seas” for their Season 26 Show.

Musical Selections include:

Hostile Takeover
Colossal Clase/Pirates Life for Me
Hoist the Colours/Battle Ground
Dead Man Tell No TalesHigh Seas

Mountain Magic Annouces Show

Moutain Magic is please to announce their show for season 26.

The Life and Work of an Uncommon Man.

Musical Seletions include:

Fanfare for the Common Man
Appalachian Springs
The Promise of Livingcopland