Portland Sonic Sound

DCP-I Division: Class A


Director: Daniel Martin


Location: Portland, OR


Years Active: 2020-

Sonic Sound Director Writes Entire Inaugural Show Due to Lack of Funding

Portland Sonic Sound first year’s show is entitled “Martin’s Opus,” and is the corps director’s attempt to write the music and entire drill for the show because we ran out of money.

Kraken – Olympia, WA

DCP-I Division: Open Class


Director: Daniel Martin


Location: Olympia, WA


Years Active: 2020-

Kraken of Olympia Announce Inaugural Show – Season 30

The Kraken of Olympia’s inagural show is titled “The Sea”



-Ride of the Valkryies by Wagner as the Opener
-Hypontised (EP Mix) by Coldplay as balad
-Crab Rave by Monstercat percussion feature
-Shipping up to Boston by Dropkick Murphys as trumpet feature
-Tanhauser Overture by Wagner as the closer

Seattle Emerald Wave

DCP-I Division: World Class


Director: Daniel Martin


Location: Seattle, WA


Years Active: 2020-

Seattle Emerald Wave Announce Inaugural Show – Season 30




With the Seatte Emerald Wave’s inaugural world class tour, we will be performing RAINIER, highlighting the rich beauty of our state! The corps will form intricate natural features on the field with a stunning musical performance to match!









“Give Us This Day” by David Maslanka (opener)

“Feels So Good,” by Chuck Mangione (ballad)

“Got Me Like” by MO3 (trumpet feature)

“Get Lucky” by Daft Punk (closer)