Red Riders 2017 Show Reveal: “The Clock is Ticking She Said”

Red Riders 2017

The Red Riders are proud to present their first show: “The Clock is Ticking She Said”

The show will consist of two major parts labeled:

  • All the time in the world
  • No time in the world

With Music Selections from:

  • Pieces by Saint Saëns

The show is about when the creature you worship gives you time and what happens when that time is abused or wasted. Not to give it away, but the second movement opens onto a girl whos mother stopped showing up for her bed time stories because of a cause she soon will learn about.


This is Red Riders first ever season, so please wish us the best of luck as we prepare this season with a lot of trial and error!


\_/ Head Director Dr. Preston Richfield \_/