To the Virginia Colony

Kirklees Council, Agbrigg & Morley Wapentake, West Riding, Yorkshire, England, is proud to sponsor for competition across the waves in the United States of America, the DCPI Open Class Huddersfield Hundred, whose premiere appearance will be this evening, in Salem, Virginia.

Like their sister corps, their show recognizes the long voyage across the water, and is entitled, “Sea Murmers”, and features arrangements of the following music:

  1. Tintagel, by Arnold Bax
  2. Sea Rievers, By Sir Granville Bantock
  3. Sea Pictures, #1 – Sea Slumber Song, by Edward Elgar
  4. Symphony #4, Movement 3, by Arnold Bax

Colonel Eirik Bromley, Retd.

West Yorkshire Regimental Drum & Bugle Division