Redcoat Regiment


Red Coat Regiment Emblem


Director:  Coat Color Entertainment

Hometown: San Jose, CA


The Redcoat Regiment Hails from the City of San Jose, Ca. Its been develop to showcase the large talented community of San Jose, CA that cannot join other well established drum corps due to the distance and lack of funds. These barriers have been a challenge for many talented musicians in the San Jose area. This 22nd season of DCPI is the first season we have competed in the circuit and has received many awards right from the get go of the Season.


Fresno, CA Western Regional: Bronze Medalist

Southern Star Cup: High Music Cup

Montreal QUE- Class Championship: High Music


This years show title is: “Voice of a Stranger?”

It is a tale of a childhood love story. They are separated due to the separation of North and South Korea during the Korean War. This show is the journey the man faces in order to reunite with his childhood sweetheart again.

  • Fanfare: North Korea: (
  • First Movement: Escaping:(
  • Second Movement: New Lands(
  • Drum Feature(Seoul): (
  • Third Movement: Are you a Stranger?(
  • Closer: I’m here and I’ll never leave(