• DCPI Division: Class A
  • Director: Kevin Pogue
  • Location: Oregon, WI
  • Webpage: N/A
  • Former names: Glory of Aurora


Season XI – “Stratosphere”
6th place, 87.730
– 1000 Airplanes on the Roof by Philip Glass
– The Bells, Movement II by Sergei Rachmaninoff
– To Tame the Perilous Skies by David Holsinger

Season XII – “Desert Search for Techno Allah”
17th place, 86.550
– Dolorous Stroke by Secret Chiefs 3
– Blaze of the Grail by Secret Chiefs 3
– Safina by Secret Chiefs 3
– Horsemen of the Invisible by Secret Chiefs 3
– Desert Search for Techno Allah by Mr. Bungle

Season XIII – “Fractured”
2nd place, 88.250
– Pianos from “Serenada Schizophrana” by Danny Elfman
– Rapsodia for Orchestra by Yasushi Akutagawa
– Kantikos Agonias from “Medea” by Samuel Barber
– Piano Concerto, Movement III by Samuel Barber

Season XIV – “The Voice of Amaterasu”
5th place, 88.040
– Mysterious Encounter from “The Light of the Spirit” by Kitaro
– Sundance from “The Light of the Spirit” by Kitaro
– Water of Mystery from “Ancient” by Kitaro
– Ritual Dance from “Ancient” by Kitaro
– BEYOND from “Ancient” by Kitaro

Season XV – “Neuromancer”
2nd place, 88.745
– Kingdom of Heaven from “Design Your Universe” by Epica
– Our Destiny from “Design Your Universe” by Epica
– Samadhi from “Design Your Universe” by Epica
– Metropolis, Part I: “The Miracle and the Sleeper” by Dream Theater

Season XVI – “Post-Apocalyptic Blue Light Special”
6th place, 86.900
Part I – Fire Sale! (Everything Must Go)
– Are You Normal Enough? by Snog
– Dies Irae from “Requiem” by Giuseppe Verdi
Part II – Buyer’s Remorse (No Exchanges or Refunds)
– The Ghost Woman and the Hunter by Lacuna Coil
– Lacrimosa from “Requiem” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Part III – What a Mess (Clean-Up On Aisle Infinity)
– (Don’t Fear) The Reaper by Blue Öyster Cult
– Symphonic Dances, Movement III by Sergei Rachmaninoff

Season XVII – “Assassin”
3rd place, 88.175
The Music of Muse
– Take A Bow / Assassin
– Soldier’s Prayer
– Invincible
– Uprising / Knights of Cydonia

Season XVIII – “Fields of Gold Under Blue Skies”
1st place, 87.675 – DCPI CHAMPIONS!
– Danza del trigo from “Estancia” by Alberto Ginastera
– Orgia from “Danzas Fantasticas” by Joaquin Turina
– Andalucia by Ernesto Lecuona
– Belilitsy, rumyanitsy, vy moy from “Three Russian Songs” by Sergei Rachmaninoff
– Concerto in F, Movement III by George Gershwin

Season XIX – “Tropicana”
3rd place, 87.795
– Jungle Rhumba by Xavier Cugat
– Cumana by Barclay Allen
– Cuban Overture by George Gershwin
– Tico Tico by Zequinha Abreu
– El Cumbanchero by Xavier Cugat

Season XX – “Symbolia: Action Language”
8th place, 88.170
– HITES: Gavorkna Fanfare by Jack Stamp
– SQUEANS: Jug Blues and Fat Pickin by Don Freund
– SOLRADS: Lux Aurumque by Eric Whitacre
– BRIFFITS: Dionysiaques by Florent Schmitt

Season XXI – “Much Ado About Nothing”
7th place, 86.505
— What is Hip? by Tower of Power
— Touch of Gray by The Grateful Dead
— Exit Music (for a Film) by Radiohead
— All You Need is Love by The Beatles
— San Francisco by The Mowgli’s

Season XXII – “Supervillain”
1st place, 91.300 – DCPI CHAMPIONS!
— Metropolis Symphony, Movements I, II, and V by Michael Daugherty
— New Century Dawn by David Gillingham
— Bird and Bela in B Flat, Movement III by Don Sebesky

Season XXIII – “Call of Desire”
4th place, 86.570
— Danza ritual del Fuego from “El Amor Brujo” (Manuel de Falla)
— When a Man Loves a Woman (Calvin Lewis/Andrew Wright)
— Clair de Lune from “Suite Bergamesque” (Claude Debussy)
— Bacchanale from “Samson et Dalila” (Camille Saint-Saens)