Midnight Vanguard Season XXII Announcement

From Asheville, North Carolina, Midnight Vanguard presents…

“Millennial Guardians: We are Tomorrow!”

We are always told that the future is bright. However, there is no sure way to know what must happen next. Is there a paradise in the unknown? Are we heading towards imminent destruction? The future is entirely unknown…but yet, we refuse to be defeated by mystery itself. To defend our future, and the sake of others, that is the purpose here. To guard those who can not guard themselves, and to ensure the safety and well-being of our loved ones. This is what it means to be a Guardian…putting others before ourselves, and putting our lives on the line to make life better. Taking the field with our Season 22 show, the Midnight Vanguard is proud to present, “Millennial Guardians: We are Tomorrow!”

After the corps’ entire overhaul this season, the Midnight Vanguard is ready and willing to put everything on the line to become champions! With a new visual and musical style, the corps is hoping to catch the attention of many new fans and all the old friends. Playing such selections from Hymn of Axciom by Vienna Tang to Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites by Skrillex, the corps will definitely be an eye-opener. Keep a good watch on the Midnight Vanguard this season, for you too can become a Millennial Guardian. You, too, can be the future.

Visit the website for photos of this year’s uniforms, the corps’ tour schedule and the latest scores from the Midnight Vanguard. Visit the stars at http://midnightvanguard.webs.com