Magic Sun, Impact Thunder, & Magic Sun Cadets

Coming to you From Sanford Fl. are Three new corps!

Div. I. Magic Sun

Div. II. Impact Thunder
Div. III. Magic Sun Cadets

Living out the heart and soul of Florida will be represented by these three corps!


Magic Sun Presents:

A New Wave Begins

A New Wave Begins exemplifies the beginning of this new corps. It also shows the pride of Florida through out the show as the corps takes you on a voyage through the state. The wave is either the ocean, the heat, a new era in drum corps


MVMT I. Variations on Symphony No. 9 “New world Symphony” (Based off of Blue Stars 2012)

This piece rings in as the opener to show how Florida was discovered as a part of “The New World”


MVMT II. Welcome to Cuba (from James Bond)

After the previous movement finishes in triumphant glory, we move to an Upbeat piece to represent the strong Hispanic heritage of Florida, especially that from Cuba


MVMT III. Summertime (From Porgy and Bess)

Our arrangement of this piece starts out with strong dissonant chords underneath a soloist. This represents the Storms in the summer in Florida, such as the thunderstorms or hurricanes. Then it goes to a faster pace with funky bass-line to show off the joy of Florida that makes it such a popular tourist attraction


MVMT IV. Overture to a New Era

A new wave begins, when Magic Sun enters the field, and before they leave, they establish that they have come to make a mark on Drum Corps and will Dazzle the world with their horn line as well as their stunning visual effects.


Impact Thunder Presents:

The Space Coast

Music of the Florida Space Coast.

MVMT I. Also Sprach Zarathustra/Main Theme from Star Wars

Capturing the heart of of the space coast with two of the most recognizable themes!


MVMT II. Duel of the Fates

This will be our percussion and guard feature.


MVMT III. Firebird Suite

Our Bird of Fire is our Rocket that carries away the Corps to space away from our beloved Space Coast



Magic Sun Cadets Present:

Sun of a Beach

Catch some waves and fun in the Magic Sun Cadets


MVMT I. Here Comes the Sun

Our Opener starts the day at the beach with the rising sun


MVMT II. You are my Sunshine

Represents the literal shinning of the sun, as well as Summer love at the beach.


MVMT III. Blue Shades

Captures the many moods of the ocean


MVMT IV. Come Sail Away

The setting of the Sun doesn’t end the fun at the beach as we set off onto a Yacht to continue the party.