Blue Ridge Brigade

  • DCPI Division: Open Class
  • Director: Taylyn Anastasia
  • Location: Fairview, NC
  • Revamped: June 1st, 2014
  • Webpage: (in production)
  • Show Announcement: Coming Soon

Season XXII Repertoire

“Echoes of the Valley” 


To stand atop the Blue Ridge Mountains in the hometown we know so well is to be filled with love, passion, and glory. We sing with pride and shout with joy into the sky so that only proud ears may hear us. The joyful shout rebounds against the trees and back into our spirits. We lift each other up with the power of the mountains. This season, the Blue Ridge Brigade invites you to take pride in this shout, as well, as you hear the beautiful, unmistakeable Echoes of the Valley.

With variations on such selections as The Promise of Living, Appalachian Spring and Simple Gifts, this Aaron Copland tribute show amplifies the very sound of the Blue Ridge Mountain people. This season, the show’s purpose is to shout loud the music of the mountain ranges of Western North Carolina, and the rebound the echoes of their valleys.