Texas Zephyrs

The Texas Zephyrs are proud to re-announce their Season XVIII Production:



Musical selections include:

  • “Bells and Whistles” from Serenada Schizophrana, by Danny Elfman
  • Music for Prague 1968, by Karel Husa
  • Selections from A Beautiful Mind, music by James Horner
  • “Profanation” from Symphony #1, by Leonard Bernstein
  • Scythian Suite, Sergei Prokofiev
  • Selections from Memento, music by David Julyan

Says corps director Steven Silverberg: “When we were casting about for show concepts and ideas after the end of our “Frontier” trilogy, the corps creative staff felt that doing two shows that paired together would be appropriate. One of the members of staff suggested a show about someone’s own mind betraying them, and we took that idea and ran with it for “Mind Games” in Season XVII. When the idea of mental issues came up, another member of staff mentioned the movie Memento. We decided that presenting “Mind Games” again, in the way the movie presented its story, would be an interesting and unique way of showing this story from a different angle, and satisfying the paired-shows idea *very* well.”