Getting Started

Getting your own DCPI corps started involves a number of steps and things you must consider. The basic process is outlined below, along with some of the various rules of the road. Take some time to look at other corps’ websites if you’re interested in building your own. Remember – a DCPI corps website is not required for participation in the circuit …. but it sure adds to the fun.

Take a moment and read thru this ENTIRE FAQ. There is a wealth of information on the fundamentals of how DCPI functions. Have a look at the DCP Forums to see what others are talking about. Look at the websites that current DCPI member corps have created – using the Members pages on this site.

1) First things first, you will need to register a username here on the DCP-I Website. You will also want an account over on the DCP forums, to be able to chat about the season.

2) Next, you will need to post your intention to field a corps. To do this, simply browse over to the DCP-I Forums HERE. 

3) Then, once official registration for the season opens up, you will log in to the DCP-I site, then click on Caption Selections on the left hand navigation menu.

4) From there, make sure your corps name is in the top drop down box, and select your captions. Once you have the captions set how you want them, click on Submit. You are half way done!

5) Next will be the tour schedule.To submityour Tour, just click on Tour Schedule Editor on the menu, make sure your corps name is in the drop down list, and choose your Tour. Then just click on Submit.

6) Once everything is reviewed by the Executive Director, you will be all set for the season!!

7) As always, feel free to ask questions, either on the forums, you can e-mail us at , or contact us via PM on the DCP Forums.

8) Be active and Have Fun!!