DCPI Rules

The following rules have been adopted by the DCPI Rules Congress and govern the terms of play in the League. 

1 ) Each corps cannot use more than the allotted caption points per division

Div 1 – max 180 pts.
Div 2 – max 150 pts.
Div 3 – max 120 pts.

1a) Directors will receive additional caption points to use as the season progresses. A list of dates that directors receive caption points on will be published at the beginning of each season.

1b) The Sweepstakes Series is a series of pre-selected events designated by the Executive Director during the scheduling process. Participation in these events is not mandatory but is encouraged. A list of Sweepstakes Events will be published at the beginning of each season, but is subject to change during the course of the season. It is meant to reward season-long consistency among corps. At each Sweepstakes event, the top 6 finishing corps in each division will receive points on the following basis:

1st place – 10 points
2nd place – 6 points
3rd place – 4 points
4th place – 3 points
5th place – 2 points
6th place – 1 point

Point totals will be kept and totaled on a cumulative basis, and at the end of the season, the highest-scoring corps in each division will be awarded with the Sweepstakes Award. Additionally, the “Sweepstakes Grand Champion” award will be given to the highest-scoring corps REGARDLESS of division.

2 ) Directors are allowed no more than 3 corps total and no more than 1 in each Division.

3 ) The following captions will be used during the DCP-I Season:

  • Effect Visual/General Effect 1
  • Effect Music/General Effect 2
  • Visual Performance/Visual Proficiency
  • Visual Ensemble/Visual Analysis
  • Visual Colorguard
  • Music Brass
  • Music Ensemble/Music Analysis
  • Music Percussion

3a) Class A corps are not allowed to spend more than 25 points per General Effect caption choice. DCI Corps costing 26-30 points used in DCPI Class A GE selections will be subject to penalties at regular events and disqualification at major events.

4) If the season is live (summer season), then the value for each caption is based on the final spot that the corps finished at the previous DCI Championships. The value for each corps from each season are listed in the caption selection editor.

4a) If the season is off (winter season), directors will have the choice of several previous years’ captions to choose from.

5 ) Each corps will choose a tour schedule and will compete against other corps similar to that of a real corps season. Aside from the total number of shows a corps schedules per season (see rule 6, below) there are no restrictions on a corps’ tour schedule.

6 ) A total of 30 shows will be allowed for each corps’ tour.

7 ) Corps are allowed unlimited caption changes per week for the first two weeks of the season. After the second week of the season, corps will be able to make up to 3 caption changes per week. This means if you change 3 captions on a Monday at 1:00PM, you will not be able to make another change until the following Monday, at 1:01PM. Once you submit a change, it takes effect IMMEDIATELY! All changes must be submitted by no later than 4:00 PM CST on the day of the show to take effect for that day’s show.

7a ) The day after the Regionals is designated as a “caption reset day”. On this day, for a period of 24 hours, directors will be able to make unlimited caption changes. This is meant to simulate major mid-season rewrites that occur in real life. After this 24-hour period expires, the normal caption change limits will be reinstated (see Rule 7 above)

7b ) Corps are allowed to change up to 2 captions per day during Finals week. There will be NO bonus points awarded during Finals week, and as always, the changes must be submitted no later than 4:00 PM CST on the day of the show, unless otherwise posted by the DCP-I Executive Director.

8 ) “First Come, First Serve” rule: There will be no exact duplication of captions. Once a corps submits one set of captions, no other corps will be able to use that same exact set (the system is set up to prevent this). So first come, first served.

10 ) All results are final. The DCP Fantasy Drum Corps Moderator (Matt / “Galen”) will have the final say on all scores. However, if you believe that a score is incorrect, you must contact the DCP Fantasy Drum Corps Moderator and request a clarification on a score.

11 ) The deadline to submit your full registration (Captions and Tour) will be published prior to the season when pre-season registration is opened. Anyone registering after that date will be assessed a late start penalty.

12 ) Late start penalties are as follows:

1. Anytime after the deadline and 2 weeks into the season = 0.25 penalty for every show
2. Between 2 weeks and 4 weeks into the season = 0.50 penalty for every show
3. After 4 weeks into the season = 0.75 penalty for every show

13 ) Please be involved with your corps and it’s direction. Be active on the forums with discussion of your corps’ program and progress. Friendly “trash-talk” between directors is permitted, but the DCP forum guidelines are still in effect. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!