DCPI League Basics

What does DCP-I stand for?
Drum Corps Planet – International, which is DCP’s fantasy drum and bugle corps circuit. We are Marching Music’s VIRTUAL League.

What is a fantasy corps?
A Fantasy corps is similar to other fantasy sport programs. You are the director (or however you want to call yourself) and you are given eight captions, similar to the real captions that DCI uses. It’s up to you on how much detail you want to put into it.

How does each live corps get a value?
How they finished at the previous years Finals.

Can anyone create a corps?
Most definately. The more the merrier.

Is this the only system out there?
Nope. There are others – but DCPI enjoys a solid base of corps and activity, especially in the ‘live season’.

Can I join any of these corps?
LOL, no. These corps aren’t real. I’ve heard stories from some of the fantasy corps directors about kids actually asking for membership information.

What’s the difference between an off-season and live season?
DCP-I holds two seasons. One we call the “off-season” and the other the “live season”. The live season takes recap scores during the summer season when corps are in competition. The off-season recaps are generated differently, depending on the executive director whim. This coming off-season, recaps are created by averaging the recaps from the ’01, ’03 and ’05 seasons.