Directors – Adding a Post

Keeping the community updated with the latest information about your DCPI Corps is fun and adds to the realism of the League. We have built this system using one of the most popular ‘blogging’ and content management systems available – WordPress … and provide our DCPI Directors with access to the WordPress system to publish their corps news.

To create a new Post/article, simply select “Add New” from the Posts menu item on the Dashboard, or follow this link:


The Post editor screen will open and you will have a blank ‘canvas’ on which to create your Post.



Be sure to follow these rules and standards when creating your Posts:

  • Access the site administrative Dashboard by selecting the “Dashboard” link in the Login module on the site’s sidebar.
  • Under the Posts menu item, use “Add New” to create a new Post. “All Posts” will list all Posts in the system and you will be able to edit those you have created or were assigned-to by the Administrator.
  • Create a title that is informative and limited to just a few words.
  • Keep the opening paragraph under 100 words (or less) and be sure to insert a “More” tag between it and the second paragraph. Use the (Read) MORE tag button (illustrated below) to insert the tag.
  • Use the “Upload/Insert Media” icon to insert images in the Post. Select a Media item from the Media Gallery or upload a new image from your computer.
  • You may ‘float’ the image to the left or right, using the option in the Media element.
  • Select a Category that applies to the type of Post and the Division of your Corps.
  • “Members” Posts are included in the Division Roster listings and should be limited to one per Corps. Update this Post with current Corps information and repertoire.
  • “News” Posts are displayed in the News pages and intended to provide an ongoing information ‘blog’ about your Corps.
  • Tags make it easy for readers to easily find Posts that share common information, so use Tags to tie these Posts together. Before adding a new Tag, check the “Choose from the most used tags” list to ensure consistency.
  • You **MUST** press the Publish button to save and publish the Post to the site.
  • Once the Post is Published, you may return to the Posts listing by selecting the “All Posts” item on the Menu bar.
  • If you’re unsure about something, save the Post as a Draft (Save Draft button) and contact the DCPI Administrator.

Finally – your participation and the content posted on this site is subject to the DCP Community Guidelines and the DCPI Administrator and site owner reserve the right to immediately remove any content that violates our Community Guidelines and standards and suspend or revoke the privileges of any DCPI participant.




The MORE button is used to insert a ‘Read More…’ tag in the content.